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  • Snibe Shows Great Charms at EuroMedlab 2022 in Munich

    Release Date:2022-04-15

    EuroMedlab Munich 2022, the largest exhibition in the field of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine in Europe, which attracted more than 2000 participants, was held in ICM International Congress Center from April 10 to 14, 2022.

    With the 128sqm spectacular exhibition booth, Snibe brought the latest innovations to the exhibition, which once again attracted the attention of many visitors.

    The most eye-catching products of the exhibition were undoubtedly one of the highest space efficiency CLIA analyzers---MAGLUMI? X3. Snibe launched a new CLIA analyzer MAGLUMI? X3, with high throughput (200 tests/hour) and in a small footprint (<0.68 m2). All MAGLUMI? reagent kits (181 parameters) are compatible with MAGLUMI? X3. With the advantage of high space efficiency, it is more suitable to be installed in different types of laboratories.

    During the exhibition, remarkable reagent menus and typical products including MAGLUMI? 4000 Plus and Biossays? E6 also attracted lots of professional audiences, who showed their keen interest in the powerful clinical test platform of Snibe and came to learn details.

    Snibe is proud that more and more hospitals and laboratories are using MAGLUMI CLIA analyzers, which have performed many studies with the Snibe MAGLUMI CLIA system apart from routine testing. In this extraordinary meeting, we highly appreciated that four professors participated in clinical application lectures and share new insights into immunoassays.

    President Elect of the EFLM, Prof. Mario Plebani chaired the educational workshop and delivered a speech regarding why, when, and how to use SARS-CoV-2 antibodies testing during the COVID-19 pandemic. He presented the importance of antibody testing in improving our knowledge of the immune responses to SARS-CoV-2, in seroprevalence surveys, in clinical treatment, and in monitoring the antibody response to vaccines.

    Another Speaker Prof. János Kappelmayer, director of Laboratory Medicine Dept, University of Debrecen – Hungary, presented their experiences with AMH and Tacrolimus measurements on the MAGLUMI 800 Analyzer. He stated that Snibe MAGLUM has a wide test portfolio, and the usage is quite simple with small sample volume.

    On the second day of EuroMedLab, the educational workshop was chaired by Prof. Tomris Ozben, the president of EFLM and from the Dept. of Clinical Biochemistry Faculty of Medicine, Akdeniz University, Turkey. Another Speaker Prof. Tomás Zima is the president of the Czech Society Clinical Biochemical and from the Faculty of Medicine, Charles University.

    Prof. Tomás Zima delivered a speech regarding the classification of tumor markers and the characteristics of ideal tumor markers. He gave the audience a more systematic understanding of routine tumor markers and the potential value of new markers.

    Prof. Tomris Ozben chaired methods to measure tumor markers and clinical uses of tumor markers for malignant diseases. She indicated that the combination of two or more tumor markers can increase the diagnostic and prognostic performance in clinical practice.

    As a leading brand of Chemiluminescence Immunoassay solution from China, Snibe has been focusing on CLIA solution for 26 years and has exported its products to more than 146 countries with 19000 units installed.

    See you in EuroMedLab Rome 2023!