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  • Snibe Shines at the WorldLab 2022 in Seoul

    Release Date:2022-07-08

    WorldLab Seoul 2022, the 24th International Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine is held at Coex, Seoul, Korea on 26-30 June 2022, which presents and discusses the latest advances in clinical laboratory diagnosis together with global attendees.

    Snibe presents the latest innovations during WorldLab 2022. Our remarkable analyzers MAGLUMI? X3, MAGLUMI? X8, MAGLUMI? 2000, Biossays? 240p and Molecision? MP-32/MP-96 are exhibited at the spectacular booth, attracting visitors' attention. 

    Our excellent products MAGLUMI? X8 and MAGLUMI? X3 are showcased in WorldLab 2022. MAGLUMI X8 has an ultra-high throughput of up to 600T/h with 300 maximum sample positions. While ensuring the super high throughput, its optimized performance brings you the most extreme testing experience.

    At the same time, the latest launched CLIA analyzer MAGLUMI? X3 has high throughput (200 tests/hour) but only take in a small footprint (<0.68 m2). With the advantage of high space efficiency, it is more suitable to be installed in different types of laboratories. Moreover, MAGLUMI 2000 was also shown at the exhibition. All MAGLUMI? reagent kits (181 parameters) are compatible with our MAGLUMI? series.

    During the exhibition, Snibe typical products of biochemistry and molecular diagnosis, Biossays? and Molecision? MP-32/MP-96 also attract lots of professional audiences, who showed their keen interest in the powerful clinical test platform of Snibe and came to learn details.

    Snibe also invites 4 top professors to give marvelous lectures around the new insights into immunoassays at educational workshops in two days. On June 27 and June 28, chaired by Prof. (Brig) Aamir Ijaz, two educational workshops are set up in Room 101 and Room 103. Prof. Sergio Bernardini, Prof. Waleed Altamimi and Prof. Mirna Germanos were invited to give fabulous lectures in two days. The hot topics and advanced research of immunoassays have been discussed in the workshop. In these extraordinary workshops, we sincerely appreciates all the professors for their participation in clinical application lectures and sharing new insights into immunoassays.


    As a leading brand of Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) solution from China, Snibe has been focusing on CLIA solution for 27 years and has exported its products to more than 147 countries with 22000 units installed. We appreciate for your participation in WorldLab Seoul 2022, and sincerely invite you to witness more advanced technologies of Snibe products in the future.