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  • 10 Questions For Q&A

    Release Date:2020-09-09

    1. How to choose a suitable model among MAGLUMI 600, MAGLUMI 800, MAGLUMI 1000, MAGLUMI 2000, MAGLUMI 2000 Plus, MAGLUMI 4000 Plus and MAGLUMI X8 for end users? 
    It depends on the number of reagent parameters and daily tests. MAGLUMI 600 and MAGLUMI 800 are suitable for small labs, MAGLUMI 1000, MAGLUMI 2000 are suitable for medium labs,MAGLUMI 2000 Plus, MAGLUMI 4000 Plus and MAGLUMI X8 are suitable for hospitals and chain labs. 

    2. Are the calibrators sold separately from the reagent kit? 
    SNIBE provide two calibrators, calibrator low and calibrator high. The calibrators are included in the reagent kit, free of charge. 

    3. Does Snibe supply the quality control for reagent kit?
    All the reagent kits contain one level quality control at least. The quality control inside the reagent kit is free of charge.

    4. Could the reagent kit be used for all MAGLUMI models? 
    Yes, MAGLUMI reagent kits could apply to all models of MAGLUMI immunoassay analyzers. 

    5. How could the end-users contact with Snibe service team? 
    The end-users can contact with local distributor at first. If end-users want to contact with Snibe, the email address, WhatsApp account and phone No. are listed in this website.

    6. Could MAGLUMI connect to LIS system? 
    Yes, MAGLUMI support ASTM protocol and could connect to LIS by COM port or TCP/IP. 

    7. Could Biorad and Randox control be used in MAGLUMI System? 
    Yes, SNIBE could provide an assigned value and range for most assays in Biorad and Randox controls. Such as “Immunoassay Plus Control”, “Tumor Marker Plus Control”, “Specialty Immunoassay Control”, ”Cardiac Markers Plus Control” and “Lyphochek Whole Blood Control” from Biorad. 

    8. How many tests can be used for each reagent kit?
    Almost all reagent parameters provide 100 tests/kit. And most reagent parameters provide 50 tests/kit.

    9. What should the operator take care when they handle the reagent?
    1> Reagent kit should be stored and used according to the kit insert, don’t use reagent kits beyond the expiration date.
    2> In order to avoid contamination, please wear clean gloves when operating with reagent kits and samples.
    3> Magnetic microbeads should be re-suspended to avoid interference to results. 
    4> Interchange reagent components from different reagents or lots may cause interference to the results

    10. The samples can still be tested after loading on the machine for 3 hours?
    All samples (patient specimens and controls) should be tested within 3 hours when placed on board the MAGLUMI System. 
    If the samples are long-term placed on board without cap, the effect of evaporation may cause interference to the results.